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How to prepare for your appointment.

Please read the following tips to help you prepare for your appointment.

Night before-

Get a good nights rest. No drugs or alcohol the night before. Absolutely no pre-workouts within 3 days of your appointment. Drink lots of water.

Before arrival-

Eat a large meal. Bring snacks and athletic drinks to keep your blood sugar stable. Water bottles are available for free. See FAQ page for numbing cream information.
DO NOT SHAVE THE AREA, I will do this for you. 

Can I bring a guest?

One guest is allowed to accompany you but please keep in mind it gets boring for your guest quickly. ABSOLUTLEY NO MINORS.

If you have scrapes, sunburn or other skin damage to the area that is to be tattooed you will sacrifice your deposit and be rescheduled.

I cannot tattoo damaged skin.
If you would like to bring your own Tagaderm feel free, I do not guarantee to have it in stock. 
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